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Closed all day today

We will remain closed all day today. I’ll keep you posted on an opening time for tomorrow

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Winter Weather???

We all know what Arkansas is like. It probably won't even rain. You might be able to have a nice picnic on Christmas. BUT, if you see wintry type things falling from the sky please check back here, on

Power Outage 8/8/22

We are currently hit with the area power outage and are without phones and most other basic pharmacy functions. If you need something urgently please submit the contact form on the site: www.marketpla

4th of July Holiday Closing Hours

For the Independence Day holiday weekend we will be closed Saturday, July 2nd thru Monday, July 4th. We will be back to work on Tuesday, July 5th. Please let us know if you need anything before Saturd

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We're due for our 2nd shot on February 18 at 3:15. If you're closed what are our options?

David R And Carol A DeKay

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