Covid Vaccine appointments available for this week! (1/25-1/29)

To make an appointment for your FIRST DOSE, select the link below. Or use the window that appears in the blog

If you are due to receive your 2nd dose from us this week and have not yet scheduled your appointment, please email us at and I will send you the link to sign up for an appointment. Please rest assured, at least for all of the second dose folks this week, I already have all of your 2nd doses present and accounted for.

For everyone who signs up for shots this week please note the following:

1) be prompt in your arrival and please be patient as we attempt to administer nearly 475 COVID vaccines this week.

2) EVERYONE 1st and 2nd dose folks please please please bring a copy of your insurance card. If you have Medicare please bring both your Part A&B (red white and blue) card as well as any Part D plan you have.

3) Please make sure your LEGAL NAME, address, and phone number are LEGIBLE on your form! This significantly speeds all the paperwork up on our end and we appreciate that!

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