COVID vaccine lists

Hello everyone! As you might imagine, we have had a ton of interest in the vaccine and many of you have already requested to be put on a list to let you know when it is available. *****A couple of quick and easy ways to be added to our lists:

1) send a message via this website! hit the refill requests button at the top of the page and fill out the form WITH THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: NAME, PHONE #, current JOB TITLE/place of employment, high risk CHRONIC HEALTH CONDITIONS (heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, lupus, etc.) AGE (not DOB, spare us from the extra math pretty please); or

2) send a text message directly into our pharmacy management system with ALL OF THE ABOVE INFORMATION to 501-222-3651

*****These are also great options for submitting questions, sending pictures of new insurance cards, or refill number requests!!!!

As I mentioned before, we will keep you up to date via the website and Facebook page as the Health Department moves us along through the various deployment phases. ***Be sure to subscribe here or follow us on FB for quickest updates*** Then, we will begin calling through our lists. As a reminder, here is a rough break down of phases:

Phase 1A.1 Hospital workers

Phase 1A.2 Long term care residents and staff (this is where the state is currently)

phase 1A.3 Others working in healthcare settings (doctors and staff, dentists, school nurses, etc)

Phase 1B people ages 75+ and essential workers (teachers, daycare employees, truck drivers, public facing postal workers, essential government workers, grocery store workers, etc)

Phase 1C People ages 65+, adults with chronic health conditions, or adults with intellectual or cognitive disabilities

Phase 2 is general public

We are very excited to be providing this service to you and your families! We hope the deployment stays on track so we can see you all very soon!


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