***Updated*** Wednesday 2/17 and COVID vaccine updates

We will be open from 830-11am today due to weather. I will be the only one there so please be patient with me. I still ask that you only come if you absolutely need something, both for your safety and so I can efficiently provide for urgent pharmacy needs. I anticipate tomorrow being nearly a full day depending on roads in the morning and Friday will be back to “normal.”

If you can wait until Friday or Saturday please do so.

***I cleared a little of the parking lot yesterday and it got dried up but the rest that got packed down will likely be slick. Be careful!***

ALL COVID VACCINES for Wednesday and Thursday 2/17 and 2/18 have been rescheduled to next week. You should have received an email with the new time. Please send an email to If you need a different rescheduled appointment.

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